Texas Boy Gives Tips to NFL Player Fighting Cancer

A pint-size fan of the Houston Texans has some tips for offensive tackle David Quessenberry, who announced this week that he's battling non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Jake Daniel of Mont Belvieu, Texas, is just 7 years old, but he's already been through treatment for the same cancer. When the soon-to-be third grader heard about Quessenberry's diagnosis, he made him a video packed full of advice.

"When you get the mouth sores, always eat jello," he said in the video. And "always flirt with nurses!"

Jake's mom, Bonnie Daniel, said her son went into remission in May and "just wanted to encourage" Quessenberry.

"He's a huge Texans fan," she told ABC News.

Jake also told Quessenberry to "keep praying," "keep your head up," and "never give up."

Quessenberry took to Twitter Thursday to thank Jake for the tips.

Jake Daniel, 7, delivered a message to Houston Texans tackle David Quessenberry who was himself just diagnosed with lymphoma. (irock/YouTube)