Cheerleader Makes a ‘Splash’ at Pan-Am Games

ABC News

Things were going swimmingly for cheerleader Mariana de Leon at the Pan-American Games this weekend, right up until she made a real splash.

De Leon was performing a cheer with her team during the morning swimming competition of the Games’ 16th annual event in Mexico on Saturday when she danced herself a bit too close to the edge of the pool, and fell right into the water.

She went into the pool feet first, drawing huge gasps from the crowd.  De Leon got the cheers she’s more used to, however, when one of her teammates stopped to help her out of the pool, drawing cheers and applause from the crowd.

“I went too far back and just slipped,” the 21-year-old said. “It was a small accident, but I’m fine. This had never happened to me.”

Despite the mistake that could have soaked their routine, De Leon and her team earned a “10? for recovery.  The rest of the cheerleaders didn’t miss a beat during de Leon’s fall and were quickly rejoined by de Leon in finishing their routine, wet uniform and all.

“I’ll be fine,” de Leon said, after the event. “Maybe the attention will bring me good things.”