Kids Wreak Havoc on Home With Bag of Flour

Ever wonder what would happen if your young children got hold of a full bag of flour? No parent can be prepared for the amount of mess.

Mary Napoli of Michigan describes how she walked into her living room to find the couches, carpet, walls and floors completely covered in flour and her two young sons playing in the snowlike mess.

Napoli’s story is a nightmare for any parent trying to juggle it all. She says she got back from grocery shopping and ran to use the bathroom, leaving a 5-pound bag of flour within reach of her 3-year-old and 1-year-old sons, and came out to see her house trashed.

“I opened the bathroom door and immediately saw the white powder on the floor. It didn’t take long for me to figure out what it was,” she said. “When I turned the corner, the boys were hurling it up in the air everywhere … and they showered me in flour! I ran back to the bathroom, took a deep breath and hit record.”

In the video surveying the damage that she posted on YouTube, all she can say is “Oh my gosh.” She appears  so calm and collected, not raising her voice once or breaking down in tears at the sight of her flour-bombed house, that we aren’t sure the video is real.

To the skeptics, she says: “The boys had a nice ‘talking to’ by me and my husband after, you can bet on that … I may never buy flour again!”

Either way, the moral of the story: flour and kids don’t mix.