More Than 400 Families Helped by ‘Scary Mommy’ Blogger Thanksgiving Aid

We introduced you to the “scary mommy” with a heart of gold, Jill Smokler, last weekend and this morning on “Good Morning America,” we learned more about Smokler’s incredible effort to help families across the country afford Thanksgiving dinner.

Smokler, the Maryland mom of three behind the popular “ Scary Mommy” blog and parenting web site, earlier this month asked her readers to offer $25 donations that could be used to buy grocery store gift cards for readers who said they couldn’t afford to buy food for Thanksgiving. (A number of readers had left messages on her website explaining the tough times they were facing.) Her goal was to match two donors to each person who’d asked for assistance on her site.

She’s since raised more than $20,000 — enough to help 412 families. Those hundreds of families include the Schroeders of Warren, Mich.

"Scary Mommy" Jill Smokler and her children. (Courtesy Jill Smokler)

Sarah Schroeder works to help the homeless while her husband stays home with their kids. Their daughter’s illness left them with $50,000 and Sarah would secretly pour her heart out on Smokler’s site.

“Just because you had to make hot dogs for dinner ’cause they’re 48 cents a pack does not make you a bad mom,” Schroeder said.

Donors to Smokler’s cause have remained largely anonymous, but Smokler introduced “Good Morning America” to a few of them by Skype.

“The thought of another mother not being able to provide for her kids just breaks my heart,” one donor told us.

Smokler said her experience has taught her that hunger is “everywhere.”

“It’s not just a statistic that we read about in the paper … It’s real moms, who we may not, you know, recognize on the surface are struggling,” she said.

Watch Juju Chang’s interview with Smokler below.