5 Foods the Experts Won't Eat

Sea bass is one of the foods the experts won't eat. Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

1.  Chilean Sea Bass

Keith Ayoob, Associate Professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine

"It's way over-fished and there are many other choices. I can't do that one, much as I used to love it."  Instead, Ayoob recommends occasional canned tuna and tuna sushi.

2. Squeeze cheese

Diane Henderiks, R.D., Personal Chef/Culinary Nutritionist

This aerosol cheese is "so unnatural and processed, full of salt, phosphates, fat," says Henderiks.

3.  Processed deli meats

Dr. David Katz, Director, Yale University Prevention Research Center

"What IS in them???" says Dr. Katz.

4. Sugary breakfast cereals

Molly Kimball, R.D., Nutrition Program Manager, Ochsner's Elmwood Fitness Center

"I find that a sugar-filled breakfast or snack can be one of the biggest triggers for even more hunger, more carb cravings, more sweets cravings," says Kimball.  Instead, she suggests breakfasts that are packed with protein like a turkey wrap on a high fiber tortilla or Protein Plus Special K cereal.

5.  Raw oysters

Dr.Jay Brooks, Chairman of the Department of Hematology/Oncology at the Ochsner Clinic Foundation and Hospital

There is "risk of vibrio infections and uncooked meat E. Coli" in raw oysters, Brooks says.