Artist Paints With Basketball Instead of Paintbrush

While most people find painting with a paintbrush to be difficult, the artist Red Hong painted this stunning portrait with a basketball.  Watch how she uses the basketball the paint the portrait- even dribbling the ball a few times to get a shadow effect.

An Australian-trained architect living in Shanghai, Red Hong was inspired to create portraits of famous Chinese people. 

In Shanghai, "I didn't bring my paintbrushes and other painting equipment with me, so I thought I'd make do without them and use something different instead," she told "Good Morning America."

Red Hong decided to create her portraits with the tools that made the people she painted famous.  In a tribute to the Ai Wei Wei installation at the Tate Museum of London made with porcelain sunflower seeds, Red Hong used 100,000 sunflower seeds to create his portrait.

To see more of Red Hong's work, check out her site here.