Looks Like a Strawberry, Tastes Like a Pineapple

Pineberries, also known as white strawberries, are shown here. Wikipedia

Forget the hassle and mess of cutting open a pineapple.  Pineberries, a white strawberry with red seeds that tastes like a pineapple, are predicted to be the new "it" fruit of the summer. 

Compared to the large strawberries Americans are accustomed to, the pineberry is very small.  They are in season for about five weeks, starting in the beginning of April.  They have limited availability in the United States, but their popularity could dictate otherwise.

The pineberry originated in South America and was then later brought over to France. Recently, the fruit was found and then revived and grown on a commercial basis.

Have you tried this new fruit?  Are you going to look for it at your local market this April?  Let us know.