Britain's 'Most Beautiful Face' Reveals Beauty Secrets

She has never graced the cover of Vogue, walked the runways of Milan and was beat out by Beyonce as People magazine's latest "Most Beautiful Woman" of the year.

Yet, Florence Colgate has been named "Britain's Most Beautiful Face," and there's science to back up her title.

The 18-year-old student won the Britain-wide natural beauty contest because she had the perfect face with the "optimum ratio" between her eyes, mouth, forehead and chin, judges said.

The competition, called "Lorraine: Naked," and sponsored by Lorraine Cosmetics, did not accept entrants who had undergone plastic surgery and judged contestants without makeup.   Colgate was chosen as one of three finalists of nearly 8,000 entries, and then won the title in a public vote.

"My family and friends told me to enter because I don't really wear a lot of makeup," Colgate told " Good Morning America."  "Obviously my family has always said that 'you're beautiful,' but that's just because they're biased slightly."

"I'm quite a humble person," she said.  "I don't really feel any different really."

Colgate can be forgiven for taking the "Most Beautiful" title in such stride since it all, literally, came naturally to her.  The formula for beauty devised by the ancient Greeks said that the distance from the eyes to the mouth should be one third of the face.  On Colgate the distance is a near-perfect 32.8 percent.

"It's amazing that someone can work out your scientific measurements and decide whether you're beautiful or not," she said.

Colgate, in her final year at the Dover Grammar School, an all-girls school in Deal, Kent, follows a regime of beauty tips as natural as her own features.

"Lots of vegetables and fruit," she said.  "Fruit is very good for your skin.  And also water, drinking lots of water."

Colgate will now be featured on billboards and posters at Superdrug stores throughout England as part of her win.

Though she works part-time in a fish-and-chip shop while finishing school and once saw her future in the business world, after being deemed nearly symmetrically perfect, Colgate told "GMA" she now plans to pursue a modeling career.