'Ridiculously Photogenic' Puppy Latest Meme

Credit: Quickmeme.com/Original Photo by Emery Way

It was only a matter of time before the " Ridiculously Photogenic" meme spread to the animal kingdom.

Zeddie "Watkins" Little became the " Ridiculously Photogenic Guy" and an Internet sensation after a photographer snapped a picture of him running a 10-K race in South Carolina where he looked like he stepped straight out of a magazine.

The 25-year-old's perfectly coiffed hair and toothy smile caught the sunlight, the photographer said, and took on a life of its own. The photo was posted on the Internet sharing-board Reddit and went viral, earning him the moniker and inspiring a caption meme, where people pasted text on the photo of Little.

"Gets Arrested, Mugshot Submitted to Glamour Magazine," one said.

"Used For Stock Photo in Picture Frames, No One Replaces It," another one said.

Credit: Quickmeme.com

Now there's the " Ridiculously Photogenic" Puppy, who has charmed the internet for another day.

"Wins Westminster Dog Show, Never Entered," one said.

"Flies on Plane With Owner, Get Upgraded to First Class," another reads.

"Used as Seeing-Eye Dog, Owner Regains Sight."

What meme is next? The possibilities are endless. The FW.com imagines what would happen if Zeddie Little and the photogenic puppy got together for a photo shoot. Cute overload.