Taste Test: Creamsicle and Birthday Cake Oreos

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The traditional chocolate Oreo will always be a classic, despite recent additions to the brand.  We decided to give two of the latest cookies a try.  We evaluated them with a critical eye to see if they lived up to the classic Oreo and were worthy adversaries.  Here's what we found:

Test:  Creamsicle Oreos

These limited edition cookies were created to channel our favorite cold summer dessert in cookie form.  Two golden Oreo cookies are sandwiched between a half vanilla and half orange cream.  The center of the cookie tastes exactly like a creamsicle, but the color is unappealing.  The golden Oreos tastes delicious alone, but we don't think the cookie works well with the inside filling.  We'd prefer the original chocolate cookie outside and the creamsicle filling inside.

The verdict:  As much as we love creamsicles, we'd rather eat the classic cookies instead.

                                                                                          (Image credit: Lauren Torrisi/ABC)

Test: Golden Oreo Fudge Cremes

In celebration of the 100th anniversary, the company launched this addition to its Fudge Creme line.  The cookie is a golden wafer topped with birthday cake creme, coated in fudge and then garnished with rainbow sprinkles. As soon as you open the bag, the smell of cake frosting fills the room.  A bite of the cookie tastes like out-of-the-box birthday cake, coated in chocolate with very thin wafer.  The wafer doesn't resemble the taste or texture of a golden Oreo.  It's very thin and delicate and is overpowered by the filling.  The filling tastes exactly like birthday cake frosting out of the jar.

The verdict:  These cookies are delicious, even though they don't really look or taste like Oreos.  Instead of slicing off a large piece of birthday cake, grabbing a cookie or two is a much better option.

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