'Anti-Cheating Ring' Vows to End Infidelity

(Image Credit: thecheeky.com)

The wedding band is a precious, shiny symbol of marital commitment. That's why men take them off when they want to cheat.

Thecheeky.com has designed a ring that aims to make this suspension of commitment a little harder. The Anti-Cheating Ring has a "negative engraving" on the inside that leaves the phrase "I'M MARRIED" on the finger after the ring is removed. This might prevent cheating by: (1) reminding the would-be John Edwards of his vow and/or (2) alerting would-be Rielle Hunters that a man is married. Of course some women don't care or are even more turned on by that. In these cases, the ring is inoperative.

The ring costs $550. Geared for stamina over looks, it is made of strengthened titanium. Unlike a wedding vow, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.