Inspirational Video: Students Cheer on Disabled Classmate in Race

An Ohio elementary school student named Matt, who has spastic cerebral palsy, approaches the finish line in a school race with support from his classmates

Nine-year-old Ohio elementary school student Matt, who has spastic cerebral palsy, decided to run in the Colonial Hills Elementary School Field Day race. Even when he grew tired, Matt carried on with a little help from his classmates in a tear-worthy caught-on-tape moment.

At the beginning of the five-minute video, Matt is seen with his classmates at the start line. As the race starts, he quickly falls behind, but that doesn't get him down. Matt continues to run, with a big smile on his face.

About halfway through the race, which consists of two laps around the field, Matt becomes visibly tired. His gym teacher walks out to him and cheers him on, encouraging him not to give up, and eventually starts running beside him.

The real tear-jerker moment comes when his classmates, long finished with the race, get involved.

It all starts with one little girl, who starts cheering, "Come on Matt!"

Shortly after, classmate after classmate joins in, creating a web of support behind Matt, who is visibly encouraged by their cheers.

As he gets closer to the finish line, the students begin chanting "Let's go Matt, let's go!" Students from all over the field drop what they're doing and join in.

At this point, Matt's mom, who is filming the race, writes a comment in the corner of the YouTube video.

"It's okay to start crying now…Matt's mom is," she wrote.

And as he approaches the end of the race, everyone around Matt, who now form a huge pack behind him, begin cheering loudly and raise their hands in the air.

Once he's crossed the finish line, kids, teachers and parents all crowd around Matt, hugging him, giving him high fives and screaming, "Good job Matt!" and, "You did it!"