Scientists Cook Up World's Healthiest Meal

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Scientists have cooked up what they are calling the world's healthiest meal.

Leatherhead Food Research, an independent research company in the U.K., incorporated 222 food health claims approved by the European Commission to create the healthiest airline meal.

"I thought of the airline meal concept when flying back from Vitafoods in Geneva. I had spent three days talking about health claims and at a round table event I suggested that Leatherhead could make a product with all 222 claims, no problem! It wasn't that simple, but we did it within one week!" said Leatherhead CEO Dr Paul Berryman in a statement.

The result? A fresh and smoked salmon terrine, a mixed salad with extra virgin olive oil dressing, a high-fiber multigrain roll and a chicken lentil casserole. For dessert, a yogurt custard, paired with spring water and a cranberry, raspberry and elderflower sports drink to wash it down.

The meal also offers a berry meal replacement shake and hot chocolate for melatonin deficiencies while traveling. It's packed with superfoods that contain energy, vitamins and electrolytes as well as nutrients that help with iron absorption and reduce cholesterol.

"Our airline formula is just an illustration of what we can do. Leatherhead Food Research is ideally placed to help companies make new claims through regulatory advice, product formulation and our state-of-the art human intervention studies," said Berryman.

All food-related claims in the European Union must meet the new standards, which are explained here.