Look 10 Years Younger in Only 10 Minutes

Most women would love to look 10 years younger than their real age. Carmindy, Beauty Expert from TLC's "What Not to Wear," shows you how you can look like you've been swimming in the fountain of youth, simply by switching up your beauty regimen.

Here are Carmindy's anti-aging tips:

1. You Don't Have to be Perfect: Smudging your eyeliner is a great way to get an overall more natural look. My favorite way to do it is to sweep a pencil along the upper lash line, as close to the roots as possible, then wiggle it between those roots. Take a flat angle brush and smooth over the liner, so you don't have a perfect line, but just a hint of smudge.

2. "Carmindize" Your Eyes: When we age, we tend to lose some of our radiance in our skin and around the eyes. Give your eyes that sparkle and glow again by sweeping on a shimmering highlighter under the brow bone and on the inside corners of the eyes. Eyeshadow shimmers are great to bring that extra "pop" too. I love Lafemme Sparkle Dust and usually swipe Gold #1 or Opal #5 below the brow to accentuate my arches and complete my look. Just be sure your shimmer shadow isn't too glittery. The best way to check is by putting a bit of shadow on the back of your hand, going into the sunlight, and if you see chunks of mica mineral, it's too glittery. You want it to be glowy or opalescent. Also, as we get older, the texture of our eyelids changes, so once you hit your 30s and 40s, be sure to prime your eyelids with a liquid foundation and a bit of powder because it allows the eye shadow to last longer.

3. Don't Forget Your Lashes: A full lash line mimics youth and vitality and it's a great way to make a big statement with your eyes. For years, I used various creams and products to address the lines and circles around my eyes, but I wasn't paying attention to the changes in my own lashes. When I turned 40, I took a closer look at my eyelashes and noticed they had become thinner, shorter and lighter with time. I talked to my dermatologist about it and I learned that eyelashes can change with age, too. She determined that I was a good candidate for Latisse. Since then, I've been having fun watching my own lashes grow.

4. Less Really Is More: Here's a harsh reality: Concealer doesn't erase lines. Indeed, adding more cover up can actually exaggerate lines and wrinkles. Finding the right foundation that sets the stage for your own personal beauty show can be challenging, but with a wide range of super-natural formulas these days, you can look great without looking like you're wearing a stitch.

5. Pop Behind the Lens: As we get older, many of us have a hard time examining the fine print on a menu or even driving at night without the help of a pair of glasses. To make your eye color really pop from behind the lenses, try using opposite shades of eyeliner. If your eyes are brown, use a navy blue pencil. For green eyes, try eggplant. Hazel eyes look amazing with forest green liner, and blue eyes look electric with chocolate brown.

6. The Applicator Is Key: The next step after choosing a foundation is applying it in a way that highlights and not masks your natural beauty. Non-latex sponges are my go-to for applying foundation because they help the foundation to glide on evenly, which creates the perfect canvas for powder and blush. Plus, people with sensitive skin are less likely to have an allergic reaction to non-latex sponges compared to latex.

7. Cover Up: The fastest way to age your complexion is in the sun, so don't forget that SPF. I recommend Kiehl's because you can put it everywhere, even on top of your eyelids.

8. Get Lifted: Dark circles can get worse as we mature. Instead of trying to hide them with thick opaque concealers, lighten up under the eyes using a sheer brightening concealer. Create an instant eye lift by applying it at the inner corners, under the eyes where the skin recedes and at the outer corners of the eyes for a lifted look.

9. Perfect Your Pout: Every woman, no matter what age, can find the perfect shade of red if you keep your skin tone in mind: If you are fair, think blue-red, and deeper blood reds for dark-skinned ladies. Just because you're a red-head doesn't mean you can't wear red lips. Brick or tomato reds can do the trick.

10. Simple and Sexy for Summer: Right now the trends are all about lips, cheeks and lashes. If you want to go simple and "bare" at the beach for summer, just do one sweep of aqua, teal or purple liner across the lash line, then pump up your lashes with Blinc 'Kiss Me' mascara, add a coral cheek and lip and voilà, you have a sexy and sophisticated summer look.

11. No One Knows Your Face Better Than You Do: So you're the one to notice those typical signs of aging and figure out how and when to switch up your routine to soften those lines and wrinkles and highlight your best features as you age. Don't panic when the products you used in your 20s don't cut it anymore. There are hundreds of products available for aging gracefully, but don't get overwhelmed. You can always talk to your dermatologist about the benefits of everything from over -the-counter creams to in-office procedures.