Wendy's Serves Lobster and Caviar Burgers

(Image Credit: Wendy's)

Lobster lovers in Japan can now get their favorite shellfish at an unlikely location. For a limited time, Wendy's in Japan is offering three premium-lobster menu items, Burger Business reported.

Using Omar lobster meat from Canada, the Lobster Surf & Turf Burger is a classic beef burger patty topped with lobster. Diners can also choose a premium caviar and lobster sandwich or a lobster and caviar Garden Sensation salad with egg, avocado and onion.

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The sandwiches are sold for about $16 and the salad is about $20.

A foie gras burger and a truffle and porcini grilled chicken sandwich was also released with the lobster items as part of Japan's "Premium" line. These new items follow the release of the Iberian bacon burger in July, about $12.50.)

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