5-Month-Old's Amazingly Awkward Passport Photo

Say cheese!

This certainly isn't your typical passport photo. The adorable 5-month-old pictured here from Vancouver, B.C., has become an overnight sensation with his hysterical smirk, often being referred to online as the "drunk baby."

Courtesy the Family

When the baby's father, whose real name is Joel (and asked only to be referred to by his first name), posted his son's picture to Reddit, he had no idea it would cause such a stir.

"I put it up there because I wanted people to laugh. Mission accomplished," Joel told ABC News.

The hilariously awkward photo is actually an outtake from the baby's passport photo shoot.

"Those were the outtakes. I talked to the fellow developing them. He thought it would be funny to develop the outtakes, so he was quite happy to hear this had gone around the world," Joel said.

Despite the many funny comments on Reddit accusing the baby of posing for his first mug shot, or asking the baby to lay off the bottle, his father sets the record straight that his son was just, in fact, a little tuckered out.

"His mom had walked him over to the third location to get his passport photo taken, because the first two wouldn't do passport baby photos. So he wasn't milk drunk, he was just tired," Joel explained.

It's no surprise the baby's family has big plans to safely store away the photo for future holiday fun.

"It's definitely a keepsake. I'm setting up a Gmail account for my son to constantly send stuff to him as he's growing up. I'll definitely send this to him, so he's in on the joke later," Joel said. "Both his mother and I like to be lighthearted and like to share humor. We'll probably bring it back out on his wedding day."

Joel wasn't kidding when he said he's lighthearted. When asked what his biggest lesson learned was from posting his son's picture on the internet, he jokingly replied, "What I've learned is that the internet rewards ugly babies more than cute babies."