Bacchanal Buffet Opens at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

(Courtesy Ceasars Entertainment)

It's a feast fit for a Caesar.

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas opened the doors Tuesday to the Bacchanal Buffet - a $17-million, 25,000-square-foot smorgasbord suitable for any high roller.

Scott Green, executive chef of the Bacchanal Buffet, called the opening a success, saying that more than 2,500 people ate at the buffet.

Offering more than 500 dishes from nine show kitchens, the Bacchanal's vast selection allows patrons to travel through the world with their taste buds. Have a craving for enchiladas and sushi, but can't decide on one. No problem, you can have them both.

The Bacchanal has an assortment of foods to indulge even the greatest gastrophile. You can eat anything from fresh oysters to red velvet pancakes. Have a less-sophisticated palate? Try the biscuits and gravy. Mouth watering for dessert? How about crème brûlée or a pistachio soufflé?

"I think it will push the average buffet diner to experience new types of cuisine and new items," said Green.

Chefs at the Bacchanal cook out in the open. Guests can watch as their food is prepared, chat with the chefs about food preparation and, yes, feel a little guilty when they come back for their fourth helping of dessert.

Green said that the environment is exciting and encourages patrons to stay a while after their meal is finished.

He added that the Bacchannal is different than the traditional Las Vegas buffet.

"I think the main difference is not only in the presentation, but in the quality of the ingredients, cooking things as you need them," said Green. "Traditionally, buffets in Las Vegas we've always done [have been] steam table self-service and [food preparers] kind of made a lot of stuff ahead of time to make sure you're prepared for the crowd."

Advances in technology have allowed Bacchanal to stop mass cooking and create made-to-order dishes, Green said. He believes visitors will be "looking at the next generation of a buffet."

But, all this opulence and indulgence will put a dent in your gambling money - breakfast is $19.99 a plate, lunch, $24.99 and dinner $39.99.

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