Oliver the Baby Is a Whole Mixed Bag of Emotions

Oliver, also known as "The Orb," is a confused child.

But he's also happy, tired, mischievous, sleepy, angry, surprised, scared and evil.

This video, which Oliver's parents posted on Aug. 26 of him waking up from a nap, is a hilarious run-through of all the emotions people feel in their lifetimes, all rolled into one minute.

"The Orb wakes up testing all the emotions he know. Some great facial expressions," says the caption his parents put on YouTube, and it certainly is true. Poor Oliver just doesn't know how to feel.

Brian Bushon, Oliver's father, has created Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages, all devoted to Oliver's videos.

"I have no videos of me as a kid and I didn't want my son to have the same problem. The best things humans have are their memories," Bushon said in an interview with ABC News.

He also wanted to make sure that relatives who don't live near them in Sonoma County, Calif. would be able to grow up with Oliver, even if just on the Internet.

Bushon and his wife gave Oliver the nickname "The Orb" because of his initials. Oliver's full name is Oliver Reese Bushon.

When asked what one of the craziest responses to Oliver's video has been, Bushon said, "Oh, that he looks like Charles Manson. I think that's about the worst I can say we've gotten in response."

Bushon said he thinks his almost-3-month-old son is adorable, no matter what emotion he shows at a given moment. He said he plans to keep the camera rolling to capture every moment.

"My plan is to stay home with him until he goes to school. I'll take videos pretty much his whole life. At least until he doesn't let me film anymore," Bushon said.

Since the video was originally posted, it has had more than 300,000 page views, last we looked. Perhaps people just can't get enough of cute, confused babies.