Suitcase of the Future Follows You

Image credit: Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez/YouTube

File under cool travel gadget of the week. Hop! The Following Suitcase is a bag that can actually follow its human owner through the airport. No handles or wheeling necessary.

A YouTube demonstration video of Hop! shows the bag following a person. The inventor has developed it to work with the Bluetooth signal on your phone.

According to the video, the sensors in the suitcase triangulate the signal. A microprocessor drives the suitcase on two Caterpillar tracks.

No word yet on how much it will cost or when travelers will be able to purchase Hop! And it may not be a great idea to walk with your back to your suitcase, just in case someone wants to steal it. But if you're a mom carrying kids or someone who would prefer to have both hands free to email or text, hop! may be just bag for you.

Watch the video demonstration here: