Cake Wars: Bakery Posts Photo of Crying Baby After Bad Review

(Image credit: Toni Rice)

Ordering a cake isn't always a piece of cake, if you ordered it from this Colorado bakery.

After a negative Facebook post on the Hopscotch Bakery page, owner Mary Oreskovich posted a photo of a crying baby on the page along with the text, "Very sad news. According to Cindy Potestio Hunka, we have a very rude owner, our white cake with raspberry filling is terrible, and we rip people off by charging $70 for a custom made cake. Also, unfortunately, she will never come in again."

The owner continued, "We are absolutely devastated, and a group of grief counselors are coming in to help our staff through this dark time."

Monday night, Hunka, 51, had posted "Very rude owner!!! Her white cake with raspberry(sic) filling was terrible! Who would complain if it really was good???? Think about it!"

Hunka also posted on the page, "You my dear are very rude, I would thank my staff too. They make up for you rudeness! Will never come to your store again. Truly a rip off! $70.00 for a crappy cake!"

Hunka's sister, Toni Rice, had purchased the cake for their terminally-ill father's birthday, she told ABC News.

Owner Oreskovich later took her post down after receiving "Boycott" responses on her page and claimed she was getting threatening messages, she told ABC News.

Rice, 46, had ordered the cake two weeks prior to the party to make sure it would be ready in time for this special birthday.

Before leaving the bakery she said, "I don't want to put any pressure, but I want this to be done special…my father has cancer and this is probably going to be his last birthday."

The bakery came recommended to the Pueblo-native, who had been frequenting it for years for the pastries. She settled on a 12-inch, $65 vanilla cake with raspberry preserves and white chocolate butter cream.

After several scheduling issues with the bakery, Rice and her family were upset with the way the cake tasted.

Her father told her, "You need to forget about the cake," but Rice was disappointed. She let her co-workers try the cake but they agreed that something wasn't right.

She called the bakery on Monday to tell them how unhappy she was with the quality. She said she wasn't looking for a refund.

Rice claims that Oreskovich interrupted her and said, "I knew you were trouble the second you walked into my bakery," and "I knew there was nothing that I could do that I could do to satisfy a customer like you."

Oreskovich said the conversation "just became so ugly and personal."

"I have fabulous customers. I've been in business for 8 years," she said.

Upset, Rice decided to post reviews on several restaurant review sites to warn other customers about her experience. She said she just wanted an apology from Oreskovich.

Despite the cake drama, Rice said the party was great.

"We all wanted to get together and have a nice party for him. Even with the cake not tasting good- we still had a nice party."