Kids' Hilarious First Reactions to Food Caught on Camera

We all remember those dreaded times as a child when your parents forced you to eat your vegetables. And although it was miserable, at least your nose-squinching, lip curling, stomach turning reaction wasn't caught on camera … until now.

"The First Taste," a short film created by Matt Gilmour, creative director at marketing agency Saatchi & Saatchi, captures those hilarious moments on camera and actually turned them into a beautiful video, which debuted at the TEDxSydney conference in Sydney, Australia, on May 4.

"It's funny how raw a child's reaction to something is," Gilmour told writer, Inga Ting. "There's no filter. It's just really physical and that's what I love about it."

Drawing inspiration from his own 2-year-old daughter, Gilmour along with cinematographer Hugh Miller created the slow motion film comprised of children aged 1 to 6, trying not-so-kid-friendly foods such as anchovy, pickled onion and olive. And the results couldn't be more entertaining.

"All the young kids were filmed at 500 frames per second so every single moment is magnified at a frame rate that's normally only used for scientific purposes," Miller told Ting.

Gilmour enjoyed the fact that children are "so pure in their reactions" when trying foods for the first time, rather than adults who are often much more calculated.