Woman Recreates Famous Artwork as Edible Masterpieces

Image credit: idafrosk/Instagram

Ida Skivenes brings a new meaning to "playing with your food." Skivenes, a 29-year-old food enthusiast who lives in Oslo, Norway, makes creative and edible masterpieces out of breakfast food, including her favorite meal to work with and eat: pancakes.

Skivenes, known as Ida Frosk, started posting photos of her playful plates on Instagram in June 2012 and never imagined she'd gain a fan base.

"I could never have dreamed of getting this kind of attention," said Skivenes, who has more than 112,000 followers on Instagram at this writing. "I just started on a whim and suddenly it just took off. … I'm just a regular girl who enjoys playing with food and sharing it as a hobby."

Image credit: idafrosk/Instagram

It takes Skivenes anywhere from five minutes to assemble an everyday food art meal up to a half hour to craft one of her signature Art Toast designs, which replicate famous artwork by artists like Degas and Picasso on pieces of toast. (Her interpretation of Degas is pictured above made of toast, salad, brie, cream cheese, olive, and radish).

And yes, even though they're masterpieces, she eats them afterwards.

Skivenes, who says food should be fun, tasty, and healthy, is coming out with a book, " Eat Your Art Out: Playful Breakfasts," due to be published in October.

"My book will be filled with enticing food art, instructions on how to make it, basic breakfast recipes, and some cool behind-the-scenes stuff. The main focus is on easy, healthy, breakfast meals that anyone can make," she said.

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