JetBlue Helps Man Pull Off Epic Proposal at 10,000 Feet

When Adam Leisle decided he was going to propose to his girlfriend of five years, he knew he wanted to do something that went above and beyond the average popping-the-question protocol.

So he booked a JetBlue flight for June 19 from San Francisco to Long Beach, Calif., telling Taryn it was to celebrate his birthday. But he had secretly created a video montage of pictures from their five years together, and enlisted the help of JetBlue staffers to play the proposal video on board the flight via every monitor in the airplane.

"I've been with Taryn for five years and she's the love of my life, so I had to do something that was super special," Leisle, 28, told "I had heard of people proposing on flights, but it was always over the PA system, and they didn't really have a plan to it.

"I wanted to do it on a flight with monitors on every single seat. What a perfect way to showcase this whole proposal to everybody. So I booked the flight and then figured how to get it into the hands of JetBlue. You have to find the right people."

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And he certainly did. It took months of planning trying to figure out how to get the video to play on JetBlue's internal channel without appearing on every other flight in the air at the same time, but they were eventually successful and the whole plan went off without a hitch.

"When I was on the flight I was so worried because it was all timed out so that the video would play at exactly 27 minutes in," Leisle explained. "I can't stand until we're above that 10,000 feet point, so they had to plan it for the exact right moment. There was so much room for error, but it went so flawlessly. It couldn't have gotten any better. They even handed out cake pops to everybody."

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When the happy couple landed and exited the plane, they were greeted by more JetBlue staffers who had a huge congratulatory cake and champagne waiting to toast them.

Leisle said they haven't picked an exact wedding date yet, but they think it will happen within the next year.