Virginia Restaurant Latest to Ban Kids

A new sushi restaurant in Virginia is making headlines, but not because of it's toro sushi.

The Sushi Bar opened earlier this month in Del Ray, a neighborhood in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Alexandria, Va. And its decided to ban kids. Not just the little, screaming toddler type either. All kids as in all kids under 18. Can't vote? Can't eat.

Del Ray is a family community. Which may explain some of the outrage directed at The Sushi Bar's owners.

Owner Mike Anderson told ABC affiliate WJLA he's "surprised" at some peoples' negative reaction.

But comments on the restaurants' Facebook page are far from all bad. Many commentors expressed support for the kids ban.

"This is a great Idea [sic] and I have 2 children. If I'm spending $15 to $20 an hour to pay someone to watch my kids I don't want to put up with others," one person wrote.

"I have seven kids. And I LOVE this idea of a kid free restaurant," wrote another.

The Sushi Bar isn't the first restaurant to ban kids. In 2011, a Pittsburgh restaurant announced a ban on kids under 6. Palo, a restaurant found on several Disney Cruise Line ships (Disney!) is for the 18-and-over-crowd only. Even guests at Victoria & Albert's in Walt Disney World have to be over 10.

And the travel industry has long imposed minimum-age requirements. Air Asia recently announced the Quiet Zone which doesn't allow kids under 12. Malaysia airlines has reportedly banned kids in first class for years, thought there's never been official word from the airline on the matter. The airline did, however, recently create an adults-only seating section on the upper deck of aircraft on its London - Kuala Lumpur route.

And if you want a truly kids-free vacation, there are plenty of resorts that cater to adults only. Here are 18 to choose from.

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