Bear Caught Napping on Florida Family's Lanai

A family in Naples, Fla., had an unexpected lunchtime visitor Wednesday in the form of a black bear.

The bear did not stop by the home of Alice MacDonough to eat, however, but just to take a nap, in their lanai.

MacDonough, who could not be reached today by, was reportedly out to lunch when she received text messages from her 7-year-old son who was at home with a babysitter.

The bear entered the family's home by tearing through the screen door of their lanai and then made himself at home on the floor, snoozing while MacDonough and her son snapped pictures and videos.

After about an hour, the bear left on its own, according to ABC affiliate WZVN.

The incident is the latest bear sighting in the Naples area this summer.

In July a black bear was euthanized by Florida Fish and Wildlife authorities who deemed it a danger to residents because it no longer feared humans. The 100-pound bear was captured under a boardwalk at The Ritz-Carlton hotel.

At that time, Florida Fish and Wildlife officials advised residents to secure their trash and other bear-attracting items, like bird feeders and pet food, within an electric fenced-in area or in a garage or shed, according to The News-Press.