Father Bares Some Skin in Daisy Dukes to Teach Daughter a Lesson

Utah father Scott Mackintosh wanted his 19-year-old daughter to wear longer shorts. But when she refused, he didn't take the usual route to punishment by grounding her or taking away the cellphone.

'Mackintosh, 52, donned a pair of Daisy Dukes short-shorts to teach his daughter a lesson about modesty.

"I know it sounds weird to embarrass her, but I wanted her to know she's of great worth," Mackintosh told ABC News.

Mackintosh, a father of seven, said the disagreement between him and his daughter Myley occurred in late August when she refused to wear longer shorts to their weekly family night. Instead of a knockout drag-out argument, Mackintosh took a pair of scissors and turned an old pair of jeans into short-shorts.

"They don't want to see a 52-year-old fat guy dressed like that," he said.

But Mackintosh wasn't done yet. He also donned a black T-shirt that his other daughter had given him with the words "Best. Dad. Ever."

Mackintosh's wife, Becky, said her initial reaction was, "Are you kidding me?"

"I was embarrassed but I was hoping it would be a really good lesson," she said.

Scott Mackintosh chronicled the whole ordeal on his wife's blog and said his kids laughed and didn't think the new outfit was that big of a deal as they dined at a restaurant. After dinner, the family went to play mini golf and Mackintosh was intent about keeping the outrageous outfit on.

"People were snickering, pointing," Mackintosh's wife said.

But the lesson couldn't have been too painful for Myley because she seemed to enjoy her father's lesson on modesty. Myley posted the images of her father on Tumblr and received more than 130,000 comments.

"What this father did was an excellent way to get his message across," Michelle Golland, a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles, said. "It was funny, it was creative, it engaged the whole family and it engaged the teenager."

While Myley got enjoyment out of her father's new-found fame, she says a lesson was learned.

"Mostly, I just learned the lesson of how much he loves me and that he really cares about it," she said. "It got the point across. Yes."

Mackintosh says he hopes Myley will remember his motto: "Modest is hottest."