Bride Surprised With Perfect Pinterest Wedding She'd Been Planning All Along

Ryan Leak and Amanda Roman shared the wedding of a lifetime from the dress to the flowers, even down to the romantic Miami setting. But the way the groom pulled the whole thing off, surprising her with a proposal, getting engaged and then married on the very same day, was all thanks to Leak's savvy social media skills, using Roman's Pinterest page to plan every detail.

"I always knew that I would do something extravagant," Leak, 27, of Dallas, told ABC News.

A year before their June 7 wedding in Miami, Leak had overheard Roman, 25, telling a girlfriend how cool it would be to get engaged and married on the same day, so the dashing groom-to-be began planning to make that happen. It wasn't your typical timeline and it was even less typical that the entire wedding was organized by the groom.

Under the heading "My Dream Wedding," Roman's Pinterest page had 224 photos detailing every aspect of her perfect wedding day, therefore, the digital bulletin board became a blue print for a surprise wedding.

"I just started pinning pictures on there even thinking that I may never have that," Roman explained.

But Leak popped the question on their five-year anniversary, and all of a sudden the wedding day began.

"My family and friends were telling me your dress is here, we have somebody to do your makeup," said Roman.

But even with Leak's meticulous planning to whisk his fiancé-to-be to Miami for a "holiday," some details were out of his control.

"The only flight that was cancelled out of 74 flights was Amanda's, and I lost my mind," said Leak. "No matter what it took, I would have gotten her there no matter what." And they finally did manage to get a flight to Miami.

And as for the question they get asked about most, how did he pull off getting a dress?

"We knew that the dress can take up to a year to find, so I heavily encouraged her to go dress shopping just to get an idea," he explained.

Also, instead of traditional wedding gifts, Leak asked guests to donate to a charity that fights sex trafficking around the world.

"I married a dreamer and I got a dream-style wedding," Roman said.

But the romantic surprises did not end with the ceremony. Leak also arranged a honeymoon in Naples and Laguna Beach.