Is This the Most Photogenic Football Player Ever?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

ABC News' Nick Watt, Patrick Doherty and Suzanne Yeo report:

The Internet is abuzz after a camera caught Notre Dame football player Cam McDaniel without his helmet during a play.

As the school's leading rusher, running with the ball is nothing new for McDaniel, a junior from Coppell, Texas. But his helmet fell off this time, a picture was taken and the Ridiculously Photogenic Running Back was born.

In the photo, McDaniel's expression is calm, cool and collected, with even a smirk that belies his being chased by large, determined men. His tousled hair and smudgy cheeks have landed him comparisons to an Abercrombie model, and he has joined the elite legion of good-looking regular folks who are worshiped on the Internet.

It all started with Zeddie Little, who was caught with a charming smile during a 10-K run. "I feel honored to be a part of a joke that's in good spirits," Little said.

Next was Rachel, whose good looks post-surgery rocketed her to fame, and the ridiculously photogenic jiu jitsu guy, Clark Gracie, snapped mid-fight with a come-hither look.

"I couldn't believe so many people were looking at my photos," Rachel said.

For some McDaniel fans, though, this rough and ready running back appears, unfortunately, to be taken, based on a photo he posted to Twitter of him and his fiancée on date night. There's always hope in the next one, though.