Yes, There Is an 'International Bacon Film Festival'

Because bacon makes everything better - even cinematography, apparently - Hormel Black Label Bacon dreamed up the first-ever International Bacon Film Festival. The company, in collaboration with BBDO Proximity, put a call out to filmmakers around the world to create short videos in tribute to everyone's favorite cured meat, and on Thursday night in New York City, announced Michael Cameneti , 31, of Canton, Ohio as the grand prize winner.

"It was crazy," Cameneti said. "I had to pinch myself. Like, I'm actually in New York City right now for a film that I did about bacon."

Mark Von Holden/Invision for Hormel

Out of 132 entries, judges Chris Santos, executive chef of NYC's The Stantion Social, and Josh Horowitz, correspondent for MTV News, selected Cameneti's film, "Portrait of a Bacon Enthusiast" as the best video, based on cinematography, storyline, memorability and bacon alignment.

In the video, an actor (Cameneti's lifelong friend) portrays a hillbilly obsessed with spreading love through bacon.

"As soon as I saw the contest I was like, 'I have to have Josh [the actor] in this,'" Cameneti said. "He's hilarious, and it started just flowing. It took a few days to really hone in on what the story was and make the script. One of the guitar players for Lovedrug helped write the music that was the underscore for the whole thing."

Cameneti won the grand prize of $11,000, which he said will go toward new film equipment and his family.

"I think when you can do something that's accessible and relatable like that, and it's funny, then it's entertaining," Cameneti said on why he thought he won. "Stuff like that is fun. Unless you're a vegan."