7 Thanksgiving Apps For the Ultimate Holiday Feast

Let the Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach help plan you Thanksgiving meal.

As the big day quickly approaches, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Don't fret. These seven apps include everything you need - from recipes to menus to grocery lists - for you to whip up a Thanksgiving meal like a pro.

Thanksgiving: A Bon App étit Manual, Free. If you love Bon Appétit, then this app is for you-it's chock full of 101 traditional and eclectic recipes, BA Test Kitchen advice, technique videos and a scheduling tool. It's like a one-stop-shop for planning a magazine-worthy meal.

Bing Food & Drink, Free. Bought too much of a few random ingredients? Let the Bing app find a recipe for you that will use up extras-just input what you have, and the app will search recipes that include those foods. Beyond that, there are thousands of recipes culled from popular recipe websites, cookbooks and celebrity chefs. The app also includes a wine encyclopedia with information on over 1.5 million wines, so you can plan your meal's drinks, too. Available on Windows 8.1 computers and tablets.

CHOW's Thanksgiving Dinner Coach, Free. This virtual dinner coach is your key to a stress-free holiday. A calendar breaks down what you have to do each day and the app generates a grocery list based on the recipes you choose. It even tells you how long it will take you to prep on each day. At no cost, this app is a must-have for anyone hosting a feast.

Butterball Cookbook Plus, Free. Tips for the turkey and how-to videos make a dry bird a thing of the past. Free recipes each month make this an app you can use long after the holiday's over. The company also has a hotline, or you can tweet them emergency turkey questions.

Appetites' Easy as Pie featuring Evan Kleinman, $19.99. On Thanksgiving, pie is the star of the dessert table. This app includes 20 different recipes along with step-by-step videos. We can't wait to try the Chai Spice Pumpkin and the Butterscotch Toffee pies.

KitchenPad Timer, $1.99. This visual kitchen timer lets you set up to 9 timers at once. Set separate timers for turkey, stuffing or gravy so you can forget about them and worry about other things.

Leftovers, $0.99. Once the meal is finished, you might feel as if you have enough food left for an army. With this Leftovers 4 Day Throw Away app, it's easy to know what you should toss or save.

Unless otherwise noted, all apps are available for Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Lauren Torrisi contributed to this story.