7-Year-Old Opens 'Restaurant' That Gives Back

Seven-year-old Ryland Goldman with father Ben Goldman at his philanthropical breakfast stand in Los Gatos, Calif.

It's a common enough story: a resourceful child wants to make a little extra money by setting up a neighborhood treats stand. But it's not every day that a child teams up with Starbucks to donate coffee, bakes the seasonally themed offerings himself and donates half the proceeds to his elementary school.

Enter Ryland Goldman, the 7-year-old from Los Gatos, Calif., who has tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit earlier than most do.

Ryland came up with the idea to open "Ryland's Restaurant" after moving to a new house this summer down the block from his school. "Lots of people walk by my house, and I decided to sell breakfast to them," Ryland said. "I want to be a chef when I grow up, because I like to cook."

After first approaching his father, Ben Goldman, 35, with the idea of making crepes, Ryland settled on baked goods and coffee. The idea to approach Starbucks came from Ryland.

"Ryland said, 'Why don't we give half the money to the school, and if we do that, I bet Starbucks will donate the coffee," Goldman said. "And he talked to the manager, who provided coffee, cups, sugar and all that. So, that's how the first one happened. It was a big success."

Though Ryland wanted to operate the stand every day, his father talked him into the first Friday of every month. "He's done it three times so far," Goldman said. "He's excited about December, because every month he tries to tie it into the month, so October and November were pumpkin muffins that he made, and for December he wants to do gingerbread muffins and give away candy canes to everyone who supports him."

So far, Ryland has made about $80 each time, with half going to Daves Avenue Elementary School. "My favorite part is making money," Ryland said. "I want them to buy a computer."