Toddler in Tiger Costume Taunts Real Life Tiger Cub

This tiny toddler is certainly channeling his inner animal.

Adorable 2-year-old Marshall dressed up as a tiger for Halloween and took a trip to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Wash., for a little playtime with his real-life twin.

The boy's father, Heath Schaffer, captured the video of Marshall playing with the 6-month-old tiger cub named Kali, which has already gotten more than 105,000 views on YouTube.

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The two ferocious friends run back and forth on opposite sides of the glass until Kali tires of Marshall's rambunctious games and plops down for a break.

"I think you tired her out, Marshall," Schaffer says on the video.

But he spoke too soon, as the tiger cub immediately jumps back up to continue the friendly banter with the little boy, pawing at the glass and making him giggle.