World's Most Expensive Christmas Wreath

An arrangement by Flor Unikon Flowers, studded with more than 40 diamonds and rubies, is touted as the world's most expensive Christmas wreath. (Suzanne Mitchell Photography)

How much did your wreath cost? About $30? Maybe $40? It's probably green with a ribbon on it. Maybe an acorn or two. Lights if you're feeling festive. That's about it.

But if you're very rich, you probably want your wreath to be extra special. Like diamonds and rubies special. Like rare flowers special. Like $4,645,800 special.

It's being billed as the world's most expensive wreath and is being offered by The star of the wreath is made up a Vivid Red 17.49 carat Ruby and a 3.03 carat Fancy Yellow Diamond. One individual flower head holds 22 loose diamonds inside.

The wreath itself is made up of the some of the most luxurious flowers and leaves in the world and is created by top Finnish floral designer and Director Pasi Jokinen-Carter of Flor Unikon Flowers. He used some of the world's most luxurious flowers and called the project "an exciting and exceptional project."