Hollywood's Newest, Bizarre Red Carpet Beauty Secrets Revealed

Hollywoods Newest Red Carpet Beauty Trends Revealed

From Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce's mile-long lashes to the "Real Housewives'" electric facial, Hollywood stars will do just about anything to look camera-ready on the red carpet.

"Celebrities are always about how to look good, and how to look good quickly," Glamour contributing editor Jane Buckingham told ABC News.

Buckingham reveals her list of new beauty secrets to the stars:

Infrared Sauna - The Shape House, Los Angeles

Change into a plastic jumpsuit and prepare to sweat under a blanket set at 165 degrees. In one hour, Shape House owner Sophie Chiche clames you sweat away calories.

"We actually have poison in our bodies as a result of how we eat and how we think," Chiche explained. "So when you sweat here, you let it all on the table."

Long, Lush Faux Mink Eyelashes - Makeup Mandy, Melrose

They're not real mink, but they feel like mink and they're as full and lush as they can be. And what the stars really love is they last for six to eight weeks. However, a set of these could cost you a steep $500.

"The lashes make you look wide awake, younger and more alert, without looking too made up," said Amanda Jacobellis, owner and founder of Makeup Mandy.

The Electric Facial - Carina's Skin Care Studio, Encino, Calif.

The electric facial was made famous when "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kyle Richards revealed her secret to smooth skin. With a healthy jolt of electricity, the Hannibal Lecter-looking mask is supposed to give your facial muscles a workout.

"You are going to get electrocuted but it is going to look great," Natalie Tanijian of Carina's Facial Studio said. " You're going to have a fresh looking, healthy glow and tighter skin."

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