Man Dances His Way Across China for 100 Days

One Dartmouth sophomore found an extra special way to capture his travels.

For 100 days, Jake Gaba danced his way across China from Beijing to Chengdu, Xi'An, Tibet, Yangshuo, Zhangjiajie, Shanghai, Feng Huang and Hong Kong, stopping in each location to film his crazy moves.

"I knew I wanted to capture my experiences in a very special way, and I also knew that just taking photos of my travels wasn't enough. I had to dance," Gaba explained on the YouTube video he posted compiling all his epic adventures together set to Bruno Mars' hit song "Treasure."

He was in China studying Mandarin on a Dartmouth College study-abroad program and explains this was his way of cataloging his journey. And yes, he said the locals thought he was crazy at times.

"Sometimes it'd be 40 to 50 people surrounding my tripod taking pictures and videos of me," Gaba told "They'd ask to take pictures with me and I'd answer in Chinese and they'd be blown away."

Gaba was inspired to make his dancing video after seeing the mega-viral "Where the Hell is Matt?" YouTube video, which has more than 46 million views, highlighting Matt Harding's dance-filled travels across 42 countries over the course of 14 months.