Moms Connect With Moms on New Website

The same technology used on sites like to help singles find love is now being used to help moms connect.

Allison Peterson and Ellie Dahl were two moms who had moved to Massachusetts - Peterson from Missouri and Dahl from Florida - and were going stir crazy at home with their young kids when they each went on the site

"To find people that I could relate with on a friend basis but also a parenting style, I mean it's really difficult to do," said Dahl. "When you're not working, I mean, where do you go? You just meet someone at the grocery store?"

"I mean, awkward," Dahl said of the difficulties of finding mom friends. creates computer profiles based on a mom's location, number of kids, interests and priorities. The free service then matches moms with other moms based on their replies.

"When you have a website that works and asks the right questions, the questions that people want to find the answers to, then you find the people you want to meet," Peterson told ABC News.

The website is the brainchild of Julia High, Meg Gerritson and Christa Terry, three moms who wanted to find a way to make meeting new moms less stressful.

"Our goal is to take the guesswork and stress out of 'mom dating' so you can build an amazing mom support network, no matter what your situation," the trio state on the website.

"That's what does, it gives us all this information that we otherwise wouldn't have," Gerritson told ABC News.