Crazy Creative Ways Moms Make Money

Move over mommy bloggers: You may hold the title of "most popular" when it comes to dream jobs for moms, but there are plenty of other ways creative moms have found to make money for their families. Here are three:

Breast Milk Jewelry

Yes, this is for real. Once the mom finds a reputable breast milk jewelry maker, the process is simple. Just package up a bit of breast milk - roughly two tablespoons - and send it along to the maker. In a few weeks, you'll get back your milk pendant. At one point, there were more than 70 Etsy vendors making the jewelry but the website has shut down many of the sellers. sells a DIY kit.

Baby Teeth Jewelry

No one will blame you for not wanting to wear teeth around your neck. That's why you can get molds made of your baby's actual teeth as a keepsake and wear those around your neck. Or as a ring. Or a charm. Jackie Kaufman, owner of the Rock My World shop on Etsy, said she had the idea after a woman who had saved all her children's baby teeth asked her to make a piece of custom jewelry. She was also asked to make baby teeth jewelry for a recent episode of the HBO show Girls.

Baby Wall Hanger

You've probably heard necessity is the mother of invention. And it was one mom's necessary trip to the bathroom that sparked the idea for the Babykeeper, a contraption that allows a mom to hang her baby from the back of a door. The Babykeeper, according to the Mommysentials website, was born when one of its founders, Tonja King, needed to use a restroom with her 6-month-old daughter in tow, and "realized there was no safe and sanitary place to put her." Ten years later, her sister, Elisa, ran into a similar issue. They put their heads together and Babykeeper was birthed.