Dirty Little Secrets: Insider Beauty Tips and Must-Have Products

All women want to look beautiful, but very few want to spend a lot of money on hair and makeup.

"GMA" asked its in-house hair and makeup gurus and beauty superstars to share their secret beauty tricks and must-have product for under $10.

Secret Beauty Tricks

Bobbi Brown, makeup guru: Coconut oil. Brown says coconut oil from the grocery store works for everything - from a hair conditioner to dry skin for your body.

Gretta Monahan, style expert: Warm water and salt. In a spray bottle, mix five parts warm water to one part salt. Monahan calls it "an automatic volumizing tonic" that will give you "that beachy feel in your hair."

"GMA"'s Elena George, makeup artist: A spatula. Use a spatula to get to the bottom of beauty products that the pump won't get.

"GMA"'s Dora Smagler, hair stylist: Smagler's secret beauty trick didn't focus on a product, but a method: For people who want to wear their hair straight but who still want it to have lots of body, just iron the tips only.

Go-To Products Under $10

"GMA"'s Lisa Hayes, makeup artist: Hayes says lashes are key. Lashes open up the eyes and "they will polish you up in a second," she said.

"GMA"'s Valerie Johnson, makeup artist: Preparation H. Johnson called the product "the perfect thing for puffiness under the eyes," and said people can mix it with their favorite eye cream. She said it should not be used every morning.