Vending Machine Customizes Your Oreos Lickety-Split

An Oreo made from the "Trending Vending" Oreo machine at South by Southwest, posted to Twitter, March 10, 2014 (@oreo/Twitter)

There has been a lot of cookie chatter in recent days. First, the cookie-and-milk shots from the creator of the cronut. Then, we find out about a couple trying to raise funds for their invention, the Dunkin' Buddy.

And now, there's a vending machine that creates customized Oreo cookies.

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The Oreo Trending Vending Machine debuted in Austin, Texas, at the South by Southwest festival and conference. The machine is "powered by Twitter," according to Mondelez International Inc., the company behind the cookies and the invention.

To start, users browse a selection of "trending flavors" displayed on a large touchscreen panel on the front of the machine. Users choose from 12 flavors and colors of creme and then watch as their Oreo cookies are built. The company said it uses "3D printing technology to assemble the Oreo cookies in less than two minutes."

Turns out social trends in edible-cookie form are a big hit. The reaction on Twitter, as evidenced by #eatthetweet, was overwhelmingly positive.