Why Hot Dog and Taco Emojis Probably Aren't In Your Future

Laura Ustick, pictured here, is working to get a hot dog emoji created.

People are once again turning to social media to enact change on issues of importance to them. Lately, pressure has been mounting for the very vital issue of emojis.

Yes, emojis.

Laura Ustick, general manager at Superdawg, a hot dog restaurant in Wheeling, Ill., has created a coalition, petition and even the hashtag #hotdogemoji to achieve her prestigious goal of adding a hot dog icon to the standard emoji keyboard.

Unfortunately, her petition on Change.org only has 285 signatures so far.

"Every time we tweet about something, we'd like to put a hot dog at the end of it to convey what we're going for," Ustick said. "As long as there's no ketchup, that's the most important thing," since ketchup is sacrilege to hot dogs in Chicago.

A version of what Laura Ustick hopes the hot dog emoji would look like.

Lauryn and Andrew (who declined to share their last names), of San Francisco, started the Facebook page "The Universe Demands a Taco Emoji," which is faring a little better with 929 likes.

"We recommend that the vague flan and kebab emojis be replaced with a mouthwatering little taco," Lauryn and Andrew said. "Obviously a hard corn shell, brimming with beef, perhaps topped with a dollop of sour cream. Don't forget the cheese."

The group's petition, however, has expired because it failed to meet the signature threshold.

Unbeknownst to Ustick, Lauryn and Andrew, though, these groups are barking up the wrong tree. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Unicode Consortium, a non-profit corporation devoted to developing, maintaining, and promoting software internationalization standards and data, is in charge of adding and approving new emojis.

Mark Davis, co-founder of the consortium and a top software architect for Google Inc. told the newspaper that the addition of a hot dog emoji was a "long shot."

Better luck next time emoji cravers. Looks like you're stuck with typing the words out for now.