Cat Survives Three-Story Leap From Burning Building

A cat that high tailed it out a third floor window when the building caught fire survived the plunge with a bit a luck and agility.

The cat was caught on camera jumping from a third-story window Tuesday afternoon as flames engulfed the Evander Square apartment building in Celebration, Fla.

"When we broke the glass the cat jumped and tried to scale on the side of the wall," Daniel McAvoy, deputy chief of the Osceola County Fire Rescue, told "It caught a ledge as it went down running and ended up going down to the ground and was fine."

"Cats almost always fall to their feet and that's exactly what happened here," McAvoy said.

The fire in the 24-unit apartment building was sparked by a lightning strike that struck the front of the building during a storm. The blaze started in the attic and then spread throughout the building, leaving it a total loss.

"We got there about 3:10 p.m. and the main fire was out in about an hour," McAvoy said. "We were there fighting the hot spots up until 7:30 or 8 p.m."

A man identified as the roommate of the cat's owner told local news station Bay News 9 the cat had a jaw injury as well as some burns.

"We are thankful the cat just had burnt paws and minor scratches," said Josue Alicea.

McAvoy says because the building is so new it had all of the warning signs that allowed residents to quickly evacuate. He says the cat, like most animals, is resilient.

"Almost every time, animals find a way to get out," he said. "The cat is a survivor."