ZOMG! What the Heck is a Zonkey?

ZOMG! A zonkey!

The majestic-looking animal, a rare cross between a zebra and a donkey, was born April 21 at Reynosa Zoo in Northern Mexico.

The calf, named Khumba, looks like he was plucked right off the cover of a vibrant, magical Lisa Frank folder with his sweet little face and sassy striped legs.

Rare Italian-Born Baby Zonkey in Good Health

Khumba's mother, a zebra named Rayas, used to visit the baby's father, a dwarf, blue-eyed albino donkey named Ignacio at his home on an adjacent farm every afternoon, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The zoo says Khumba is a rare case in the animal world because the zebra and donkey chromosomes are not compatible. But judging by the Internet's response to this creature, everyone sure is glad Mother Nature successfully ran its course in this situation.