Watch: 3 Guys Dance the Irish Jig All Around the World

Look out, Riverdance! A video of three Irish men dancing the Irish jig across 23 different countries - in Ireland, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia and more - is going viral online.

Iain McNamara, Chris McGrath and Kevin Cobbe, all 26 years old and "Dublin born and bred," told ABC News they shot the video over the course of a year to promote Ireland and "instill Irishness abroad" for a project with The Wirld organization.

"The Wirld aims to change the face of Ireland abroad with the simple act of spreading some craic," they wrote on their website, using an Irish slang word for fun/enjoyment.

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The intrepid "lads," as they call themselves, set out in May 2013 with a round-tip ticket around the world, a pocket camera, a tripod and a limited budget, according to their blog.

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Their jig begins in Ireland (outside the Guinness brewery in Dublin, no less!) and follows their year-long journey to New Zealand, through South America, dancing in front of famous sites such as Maccu Pichu, the Amazon, the beaches of Brazil, Australia's Sydney Opera House, Indonesia, Malaysia, and more.

"We will be visiting schools, universities, businesses and people's homes with the principal aim of instilling Irishness abroad," they wrote on their blog.

Operation spread Irishness accomplished.

The video has more than 250,000 views and counting since it was posted on YouTube May 27, 2014.

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