2-Year-Old Twins' Reaction to Parents Kissing Is Priceless

(Photo Credit: David Williams Photography)

It's not uncommon for little kids to shudder at the sight of their parents showing affection toward each other, but it has never been more perfectly caught on camera.

These adorable twin girls, Evelyn and Elinor, 2, certainly made their feelings known during a surprise Father's Day photo shoot for their dad, Sergio Carbajal.

"David [the photographer] asked us to kiss, and then told the girls to cover their eyes," Mandy Carbajal, of Amarillo, Texas, told ABC News. "But it actually worked out perfectly because Elinor was not cooperating for smiles because she was nervous about train sounds she was hearing in the distance. And Evelyn was being a total ham so she was happy to oblige."

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Although the precious family portrait wasn't exactly a candid, it still made for a great photo opportunity that would be tough to top in years to come. But that won't stop them from trying.

"Not sure we could capture the same kind of moment, but my girls are pretty hilarious so I'm sure we'll have some wonderful, fun family shoots in the future," Carbajal said.

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And contrary to what this hilarious photo gone viral would make you believe, the little girls' mom assures they are no stranger to affection.

"The last thing we do together as we put the girls to bed is 'family hugs and kisses,' she explained. "Basically, a group hug and kiss goodnight.

"As the song says," Carbajal continued, "'We all need more kindness in this world,' and hugging and kissing."