College Junior Pledges to Go Makeup-Free for a Year

Going bare-faced is something some women might never dream of doing. Even celebrities like Beyoncé and Gwyneth Paltrow have been known to strip off the makeup for a shot or two.

But college student Annie Garau, 20, is taking it to a new level, pledging to go makeup-free for a full year.

Today marks day 206.

"Your appearance isn't everything and we have so much more to bring to the table," Garau told ABC News.

A soon-to-be junior at Indiana University, Garau has been blogging abouther makeup-free mission. Her goal, she says, is to see how others would react to a more natural look and whether it changed the way she felt about herself.

"I felt so bad about how I looked and I had so little confidence that I might have been acting differently," she explained.

But there was something that surprised her. Garau says many men, who often say they like women without makeup, didn't seem to act that way.

"Definitely at fraternity parties, I would feel so awkward and felt like guys were treating me differently," she recalled.

But she says she doesn't much care. Indeed, when "Good Morning America" sent a makeup artist to see what Garau would look like wearing makeup, she couldn't take it off fast enough.

"It was weird seeing my face that way," she said. "And I actually now prefer it the way it is. I haven't had this beauty revelation where I've realized, 'Oh, I'm actually gorgeous.' That's not really the point. I have more confidence, but it's not in how I look, and that's fine."

Even Garau's boyfriend says he's notice a positive change.

"Her self-confidence has picked up," said Jon Toth. "It definitely takes her less time to get ready."