Hyperemesis is not just morning sickness

After fourteen months of trying to get pregnant, I finally made an appointment with the doctor.  We discussed my health, my history and an action plan was made.  I was prescribed the medication Clomid, which is used to stimulate ovulation. Clomid is a very strong drug, and you can only take it for a few months.

I took the medication and followed my doctor’s orders religiously for a few months, only to get a big fat negative on pregnancy tests.  Luckily, the month that I was allowed to take the medication, I found out that I was pregnant.  After about twenty or so months, I was going to be a mom.

At four weeks into my pregnancy, the nausea began.  Everyone told me that this was normal. I was experiencing “ morning sickness“.  I was given tips and tricks by everyone I knew. I drank 7-up, I ate crackers, I took TUMS, but the vomit continued. The “morning sickness” that I was experiencing turned into day, afternoon, night, and early morning sickness.

During all of these symptoms, I managed to make it to work.  I worked shift work which consists of a 10-plus hour long day, and at least a two hour commute home.  I’m not sure how I even did it, really.  I remember pulling over on the freeway several times, just to vomit.  I remember carrying plastic bags with me, in case I got sick. I spent a ton of time lying on the bathroom floor.

At one point in my pregnancy, I vomited so much in one day that I knew that it was time to go to the hospital. I was diagnosed as “extremely dehydrated” and was given medication for my nausea and an IV for several hours; I had tried to take oral medications for my nausea prior, but they did not work. While I was at the hospital, the doctor mentioned “Hyperemesis Gravidarum” . I had never heard this term prior to the doctor telling me about it.  After checking out of the hospital, I went home and researched it on the Internet.

I was shocked when I read this information. Everyone kept telling me that the “morning sickness” would be over soon.  After reading about Hyperemesis, I went into a state of depression.  I knew that this vomiting and sickness would probably not be over, until I had a baby in my arms. I felt like this roller coaster of pregnancy was never going to end.

Just when I thought that the Hyperemesis was the worst part of my pregnancy, I was wrong.  At 32 weeks pregnant, I had a gall bladder attack in the middle of the night. After a weekend in the hospital, I was told that I had gallstones, possibly caused by the Hyperemesis, and that I would have to have surgery, as soon as my baby was born.

At 36 weeks, I had a second gallbladder attack, while at work. I knew that I was not going to go home that night.  After checking into the hospital, I was given medication for my severe pain. The next morning, I delivered my son via c-section, as he was breech.  He ended up spending 6 days in the NICU for breathing issues.  A few days after delivering my son, I had a procedure to remove the gallstones. And the day after my gallstones were removed, I had gallbladder surgery.

I constantly get asked if I’m going to have a second child.  After telling this story, most people understand.  Statistics show that woman who experience Hyperemesis with one pregnancy have over a 50% chance of having it with a second pregnancy.  I just can’t do that a second time.

As of today, I have a healthy 6-year old son.  Every time I hear someone talk about their morning sickness, I almost get post traumatic syndrome.  I have friends whom have also had Hyperemesis.  We have a little sisterhood of women, who get it.  I wish I had these women in my life when I was pregnant.

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