Quiet Magical Moments of a New Pregnancy

Having children and becoming a mother has been one of the greatest gifts of my life.   It is the only thing that can broaden your basic emotional spectrum to levels that you can’t even imagine existed before.   You open your world to some of the highest highs and some of the most challenging lows.   I have been blessed with four healthy pregnancies resulting in four healthy, sweet babies.   Each and every time, from the MINUTE I discover that I am pregnant, the beautiful and amazing process starts all over again.  

At least for me, there is the pure joy of learning about the new life that your body is helping to create. Within the very same minute there is the terror of realizing that soon, you will have to deliver this little blessing.   Then you are overwhelmed with excitement with the new opportunity that you have to announce this new life to the world.   I have NEVER been a patient person and the idea of creating an elaborate announcement has never been my method.   I would LOVE to say that I came up with some amazingly creative way to announce my pregnancy, but alas… I am too EXCITED to hold it in.

With my last pregnancy, my husband and I tried for several months to get pregnant and nothing seemed to be happening.   I know that painfully, thousands of couples try for much longer and sometimes never have the opportunity to be parents.   For us, almost a year was very unusual.   We had started to believe that because of my age and some health concerns, it may never happen.   We were extremely disappointed, but knew that we had nothing to complain about.   We had three beautiful girls and another child we felt would complete our family, but if it wasn’t in the cards, we could accept that.   After awhile we gave up.   We accepted our fate and all though disappointed we had hearts full of gratitude for the amazing children we did have.

A few months later we had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Paris for a much needed vacation.   With the relaxation of a beautiful trip, nature decided to work with us rather than against us!   It was several weeks after we came home that I had the realization that WOW, I might be pregnant.   I kept it to myself for a day until I could go out and purchase a test.   I didn’t want to get my Husband’s hopes up and just start the disappointment train all over again.   The next morning I took the test and pure joy can’t even come close to describe how I felt when I saw the test turn positive.   I wanted my sweetheart to be the very first person I told.   I tried to go through the normal family routine of breakfast and school bus stops, but deep down all I wanted to do was shout from the mountains… WE’RE PREGNANT!!  

I endured the two hours it took to get the girls off to school and to get myself over to my Husband’s office.   I wanted to SEE the joy that I was feeling in my heart on his face.   A phone call was not going to do this news justice!!   I grabbed him at the office and dragged him into an empty conference room and told him that we brought home an aaaaamazing souvenir from our trip to Paris… a new little one!!   Just a quiet magical moment, shared by two people whose hearts were now full, almost to bursting.

Nine months later our new little GUY was born and now our family is COMPLETE!

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