Anyone have a drink?

After several years of trying to become pregnant, it was quite exciting to have it actually happen.

I spent the 9 months leading up to the big birth event reading every single printed word related to pregnancy.  I faithfully watched daily back-to-back episodes of A Baby Story.  I logged food, baby kicks and belly size in a pregnancy journal.

I was so ready.

And then it happened.  Contractions and a trip to the hospital ended 25 1/2 hours later with a healthy baby boy.

Yes, that was 25 1/2 hours later.

Nothing in all those books, A Baby Story or my guided pregnancy journal mentioned that while in labor no one would give you food or water.  25 1/2 hours is a really long time to go without food.  25 1/2 hours is even a LONGER time to go without something to drink.

I have never been more thirsty in my entire life.

In the last few hours of labor, I refused to push until I got a sip of water.

One sip of water equaled one push.

Yep, my short-sided thirst demands probably extended my labor, but I wasn’t thinking straight.  My theory is that the only fluid running through my body was hormones.

I became the crazy labor lady crying out for a Sprite.

Finally, my firstborn was born.  I looked down with a frantic pause in expectation of hearing a baby cry.

There was a lot of activity and a moment of silence.

And then that cry.

To me that cry meant everything was going to be OK.

Can I have a drink now?

I was handed my newborn and the largest soda on ice I have ever seen.

Both were greeted with complete relief.

Childbirth is such an incredible moment.

What went through your mind when you held your baby for the first time?

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