Worry Doesn’t Fix Anything

What’s your favorite tip for raising a healthy baby?

When my first daughter was born, there was so much about being a mother and raising a child that I was completely and utterly clueless about.

I had a good example to follow – my mom was (and still is) a fabulous mother. I knew what I wanted my “end result” to be, but it didn’t dawn on me til I was holding my new daughter that I really had no clue how to get there.

I was blessed with a beautiful, healthy 7 pound, 11 ounce little girl. She was a ball of perfection with a little curl on top of her forehead. I couldn’t have been happier.

When I brought her home from the hospital, we settled into a routine pretty quickly. She slept rather well during the day and then once 10:00 pm hit, she would wake up and be a monster all night long. She screamed and arched her back for hours at a time, and if I was lucky enough to get her to go to sleep, she would wake up as soon as I put her down.

It took me months to admit it, but my baby girl was colicky. She cried more than she didn’t cry. As a new mom, I didn’t even realize that all babies weren’t like that for their moms. Instead, I worried.

I worried that she wouldn’t gain enough weight. I worried that she would never sleep in her crib. I worried about what she ate. I worried about what I ate. I worried that everything I was eating and doing was making my baby miserable, which in turn was making me quite miserable, too.

Then one day I realized that the worrying wasn’t helping. In fact, I realized that the worrying was probably doing more damage than any of those situations I was worrying about.

I decided to stop worrying if the chocolate I ate was giving her stomach pains. I stopped worrying if she was getting enough milk at each feeding. I didn’t worry about her lack of sleep during the night…as long as she was sleeping sometime. Schedules could come later. I decided to enjoy the time to catch up on all of my sitcoms on late night TV.

I stopped worrying. And that made all the difference. Her colic didn’t disappear overnight, but she was happier because her mama was happier and a whole lot more relaxed.

Now when I talk to friends having their first baby, I counsel them to relax. Worry does not make baby happy. And worry certainly doesn’t fix anything.

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