A Christie Run ‘Would Be Fun,’ Says Romney

Asked by ABC News about the possibility of  New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie entering the presidential race, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said it would be “fun if he gets in.

“Chris is a great friend, a great guy, a colorful character,” he said. “He’s a governor I’d love to see in more political settings, and who knows, maybe he’ll get in.”

Romney spoke at an impromptu media event after a town hall meeting  in Goffstown, N.H.

Christie, amid rumors that suggest  he is planning to  launch a presidential campaign, has so far denied his desire to run.

When asked by another reporter if he’d consider Christie as a potential running mate, Romney said it was too early to make those kinds of statements.

“First, I gotta get the nomination. I have a long way to go,” he said. “There is a long list of people who would obviously be considered for such a thing.

“Anyone would have to look at the governor of New Jersey as being a remarkable leader in the Republican Party — he is a man of capacity and capability and has a growing track record of success.”